If you’ve seen our about page, then you might have noticed the vague reference to little cakes, big meaning.  And since, to date, you’ve seen a lot of posts about yarn, fiber, sheep, weaving tools, and yarn bowls, you might be wondering how on earth cakes of any sort fit in?

Well it all begins with a lifetime of chatting…


Envelope of a Letter I sent her when I couldn’t be there in person!

You see my grandmother and I were close. I mean second mother kind of close, so we talked a LOT!  And sadly to say I didn’t realize until she was gone that that little lady spent her entire life fostering my creativity and happiness in those little chats.  She was always the first to tell us all what a wonderful job we’d done, or ohh and ahh over our latest creation or accomplishment.  And that loving, caring personality wasn’t just reserved for our family.  She graciously donned the perfect southern hostess hat and showered friends and strangers alike with copious amounts of sugary confections and graceful comments around an ever-busy kitchen table.  Which mind you always had a pretty homegrown rose bud or two gracing the center, emitting a sweet perfume that somehow perfectly mingled with the day’s confectionary scent.  Suffice it to say that Grandma’s table was a haven at the end of a busy day.  It was the relaxation you craved before bed time.  Grandma’s table simply put infused happiness into the lives of anyone that crossed her path.

Fast forward to the present day.  My mother and I have started a business directly tied to our creativity.  That alone would have had my grandmother jumping for joy.  However, I also wanted to infuse her memory into the company itself somehow.

The challenge is ON!

So, she had a sweet tooth.  We are talking award winning sweet tooth!


How do I produce a product that ties to the confectionary world if I don’t bake?  Don’t get me wrong, I can bake, and yes I’m good at it. Largely thanks to grandma, but I’m not GREAT!  What do I do when I’m stumped…I dream of course!

I wistfully filled my head with memories of cookies and cakes, chats and love…

And POOF, an idea was born!  Out comes the sketchbook and a few drawings, several pages, and a LOT of eraser marks later, I have a 3d sculptural cake stand featuring seahorses and seaweed!  My creativity added to the cake industry in a way that is so totally me! But wait, I get to play with clay while also producing a product that can spark conversations AND showcase a hostess’s dessert. Now that would have tickled grandma!

We have a product, now we need a name!

Amazingly enough, once I had the product idea nailed down, finding the name was pretty simple!  Have you ever read Marcel Proust’s A la recherché du temps perdu, A Remembrance of Things Past?  Perhaps not, but for our purpose simply note that this text has one of the first literary references to cakes.  And better yet, the little cakes, or petit madeleines, served as the catalyst to an illusive memory he had.  And just like that…I have a name:

Le Petit Gateau Du Temp Perdu translated to Little Cake of Lost Time

It just seemed to be the perfect fit with my love of French and the reference to a memory. Now I just need to get my hands dirty and make some actual stands, Then all I need is a small graphic that I can market the new line under.  Hopefully it will make my grandmother proud!


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