The ceramic wheel throwing class I started last week, at the time, well it was intimidating.  All my experience to date has been hand sculpting, but of course I must expand my talents.  My first day left me dreading the next 6 weeks.  A ton of information was imparted, and instead of enlightened I left feeling daunted.  The feel of clay between my fingers was not a new love, but centering clay on a pottery wheel that my friends was my new challenge!

Challenge excepted, research begins.  For the next week, I spent my precious time before bed scouring YouTube for wheel thrown pottery tips.  I diligently watched countless videos swearing I would master centering, even though my teacher said she didn’t get consistent at it until after three years!  Yes I’m an over achiever, and yes that means hard work and depleted sleep :).

New week, new class and here I am jumping head first into what I hope will be a productive centering kinda day.  Kneaded some clay, check.  Sit in front of a wheel, check.  Drop clay onto wheel, check.  And wouldn’t you know it, the second my hands touched the clay every little tip I viewed on those videos LEFT my consciousness!

What’s a girl to do?  Not give  up and I say experiment.  Holy Molly it WORKED!!  What is my secret touch you might ask?  Yeah well it happens to be the OPPOSITE of my instructors directions, go figure!  Instead of pushing clay, I pull it into a center.  Guess I should have listened to Tammie when she said “you’ll find your groove by just working with it” :).

The fruits of that labor formed a lopsided bowl, which I later smooched.  Yes I’m a perfectionist, besides, I can reuse the clay :).  My second piece, yes I said second, was actually a little mug that yep, was centered, which helped make it strait, and I even added a tiny bit of texture to it!  Might as well push the creative streak since I got something right!  Next week will be trimming and who knows what else…


Now, to center consistently…Practice, practice, practice is going to be my mantra now.  I can even say I honestly think my cake stand ideas will come to life sooner rather than later!  More on my journey with pottery next week!

From My Hands to Your Imagination I say…

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Kristen Smith

QuirkyK here... The tireless eclectic speaker which may or may not include the occasional ah ha moment! I'm a clay addict, which typically produces wonky experiments. And if that isn't enough, I'm also an inquisitive, people loving, indie entrepreneur.
Kristen Smith
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