It has been rather cold our direction here of late. Heck we are supposed to get 2-6 inches of snow! Which of course is totally unheard of for our area! Snow and cold make me think of one scenario only: a fire, a cup of hot tea, and a craft project!! Add to that the fact that I’m a must have instant gratification kind of girl and we have the makings of a fun knitting project to share with you all. Combine large knitting needles and a chunky art yarn and voila we have a fantastic scarf to accessorize an upcoming outfit.



Just look at all that texture!!



Ok, ok, this one made it to the finished projects list, and now I’m sure you’d like to know how I did it right?? First up a few notes… While I’ll claim credit for the super simple pattern and of course the fact that I used QuirkyD’s hand-painted hand spun art yarn, I’m no videographer. So the Technique crash courses below are produced by other talented individuals.

Are you ready?

News Flash!!!

Beginner Friendly


Eye Candy Scarf Materials:

  • 100+ yards of yarn (as you can see art yarn is my preference, it adds texture and spunk!) Note: the more yarn you have the longer your scarf can be and the chunkier the yarn the denser the finished piece.
  • 24″ US #17/12 mm circular knitting needles

Simple materials list for a simple pattern :).

Before we get started let me explain the choice of knitting needles.  The large size will not only make this a quick pattern to knit up but will also help produce an airy lacy effect even when chunkier art yarns are used.  I’ve chosen circular only because I tend to loose stitches when using straight needles and if I do this on a circular set of needles it is one LESS thing I need to worry about.  Yes, I’m the timid knitter while QuirkyD has no such reservations!  Besides, if I can do flat knitting and circular knitting all on the same needles, I can save money! So for those of you that began on straight needles and think I’m crazy, feel free to use straight needles.  Otherwise, if you’d like to learn how to knit a flat project on circular knitting needles, then check out this Technique Tip by knitwithcatfur:

Eye Candy Scarf Pattern:

  • CO 30 sts. (more if you want a wider scarf, just remember it will shorten the length if you don’t have extra yarn)
    • Technique tip again:  I like to use what is called a Long Tail CO, more because I’m lazy.  This cast on technique tucks your trail as you go AND knits the first row of the pattern. Shortcut central here!! Tip tutorial by Howcast:

  • Row 1 (RS) – Already done if you did the Long Tail Cast on as above.  If you didn’t use that technique you need to K 30 sts. Turn your work.
  • Row 2 (WS) – K 30 sts. Turn.
  • Repeat Row 1 and 2 until you reach the length you desire.  This will create a garter stitch fabric.
  • Finally, bind off.  Here is another great tutorial by Howcast for binding off if you need it!

You can add fringe to the ends like we did or leave it clean. And talk about versatility, you could do stripes with alternating yarns, or make it wider by casting on more stitches. Try using a thinner yarn for an airier look, or chunk it up to the max for a solid fabric that will keep you UBBER warm! All that with one simple stitch, the knit stitch!

Now wasn’t that simple? Go grab some yarn from your stash, or head over to our shop for a special treat. We want to see you knitting! Don’t forget to come back and share your projects with us! You might be the next Fiber Fairy gift recipient!


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