I’m a huge sucker for color.  Everything from vibrant to subtle and everything in between.  It just makes me smile!  So after creating our mandala inspired weaving looms for weavers that love to play on the go, we decided we had to infuse this convenient tool with a punch of color.  Our initial listing was a stunningly smokey cinnamon color that I personally loved.  Yes note the past tense.

I just finished up the first glazing on our next round of possible color choices..and let me tell you now, I think I want one of EACH!

Would you like to see???

First let me remind you what the finished piece looks like…

Cinnamon Mandala Weaving Loom Click to Buy




Now drumroll please….




Test Tiles of our newest color selection pre firing…these beauties will be darker and more vibrant after they have been fired…hard to believe after looking at these images!!  Do you have a favorite category???

Final Firing Pictures will come soon, promise!


Kristen Smith
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Kristen Smith

QuirkyK here... The tireless eclectic speaker which may or may not include the occasional ah ha moment! I'm a clay addict, which typically produces wonky experiments. And if that isn't enough, I'm also an inquisitive, people loving, indie entrepreneur.
Kristen Smith
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