QuirkyK of the quirky trio here. Here to share my newest project!

A little back story. I’m a family girl,and I mean that by way of explaining that my family isn’t just close… It is woven into every aspect of my life. This was a fact that was brought to my attention rather bluntly after losing my grandmother recently. Grieving was hard and I definitely had ups and downs but I’ve come to a conclusion : I’m going to spend the rest of my life honoring the fantastic lady that she was and cultivating all that she loved in me. That sure beats the heck out of trying to unravel her from all that she touched in my life! Yes that was a misguided way of dealing with my grief.

Ok I know that was sad, but it helped spur my latest creative idea, and helped me hone in my focus for some future quirky products.

So, I want to honor that little southern lady with a killer sweet tooth.  You see dessert was not only her favorite meal but also the perfect course to serve while she displayed a bit of that famous southern hospitality. Out came my sketch book and a bit of fantastical imagination..and poof I designed a cake stand!  No not just any cake stand, but a sculptural representation that will lift up a confectionary delight to the lofty heights it deserves. Yep you heard me right. I’m going to bring my clay visions to life in the form of cupcake and cake stands for our modern home bakers and hostesses!

Well, me being me, I couldn’t just stop there. I thought why not start making cakes, pies, and sweets to offer as interest capturing devices at craft fairs and festivals.  Everyone likes to try samples right?  And well, I have a PLETHORA of recipes thanks to that little lady.  So as you might imagine with my short attention span, this led me to baking.

With a birthday coming up for my fantastic partner/mother QuirkyD, I had the perfect excuse to brush up on some of my baking skills.  So the sketch pad came out again and with a bit of lemon and some white chocolate raspberry icing I created a fondant masterpiece.  Or so I think…And only because I know Grandma would have enjoyed it…here are a few pictures of my final creation.  P.S.  It was as yummy as it looks!

Sewing Bliss Cake for my loving mother!


blogger-image--1640106126   blogger-image--1129529503


As you can see, I like going big when I try new things!  You never know what will come from life events and a bit of fearlessness.  Here is to southern hospitality and the love of sweets.

Kristen Smith
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Kristen Smith

QuirkyK here... The tireless eclectic speaker which may or may not include the occasional ah ha moment! I'm a clay addict, which typically produces wonky experiments. And if that isn't enough, I'm also an inquisitive, people loving, indie entrepreneur.
Kristen Smith
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