Everyone has them, right??  Yeah well, I’m going down the miserable side of memory lane.  I’ve been diligently updating our branding, which translates to web sites right.  That leads to a vague memory of a laundry list of needs like hosting services, domains, graphics, layout design, integration needs, HTML coding etc.  Note I FAILED coding classes!!  So what have I got…

Green_Checkmark_clip_art_small  Domain Registration

Green_Checkmark_clip_art_small  Hosting Services

Green_Checkmark_clip_art_small  Graphics

Oh but wait, I have to decide what platform my blog and shop are going to be!!  Choices you might ask….Wordpress, Woocommerse, Shopify, BigCartel, etc.  And the winner is WordPress!  Mainly because I stumbled on a theme (translation less coding talent needed on my part :)) that was wordpress friendly, super customizable, and the icing on the cake woocommerce compatible.

Green_Checkmark_clip_art_small  Blog platform

Green_Checkmark_clip_art_small  Shop platform

Painless so far right??  Ok, so technically I still have one picture to take and get up but other than that, it really did look like I was ready to go live.  So I published it all.  Yep, new site, new blog, new shop.  All right here in web land for viewing.


Here comes the hiccup….

You know that theme that was Woocommerce compatible?  Yeah well, turns out it isn’t really.  If it was then I wouldn’t have a duplicate shop created by woocommerce below my theme created shop!!  UGGGGGHHH!!!!!  The real kicker…while the Elegant Themes team try to fix the issue (no time frame given) I get to live with a shop that isn’t as user friendly as it could be. :(.

So, on that note my apologies dear customers for any inconveniences!  But the new cool shop features will have to come a bit later.  For now though the basics do work THANK GOODNESS!!!


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Kristen Smith

QuirkyK here... The tireless eclectic speaker which may or may not include the occasional ah ha moment! I'm a clay addict, which typically produces wonky experiments. And if that isn't enough, I'm also an inquisitive, people loving, indie entrepreneur.
Kristen Smith
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