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So yes, this is a little off topic from the fiber conundrum that we usually find ourselves in but I simply am too giddy to not share.  You see this crafter has become addicted to a board game called Talisman thanks to a good friends’ introduction.  My family of 6 adores the game, and that is from 8-years-old to 45.  My youngest has even used the game to practice his reading skills!

So since it was such a hit with the Revised 4th Edition and made for quality family time, we started adding on the expansions.  Alas, we quickly found out that with all the expansions and a sizable group playing you need a MASSIVE table to handle spreading out all the cards each player amasses…yes, some of my family get power hungry.  So my hunt began for finding a solution…Character Trays…But those on the market just didn’t really work for this game according to reviews.

Well, I’m crafty right!  So not a HUGE off-shoot from our blog topics!  I decided I create my own Character Card Tray for the game.  I got to sketching and dreaming of all the things we would need and then built my model using 123D Design.  My first design was close but needed some design changes.  Here are the two side by side 🙂

Test Talisman Model
Final Talisman Model

After having my first go at the 3dprint process and making the tweaks, I was ready to send off the final design for printing.  And my how happy we are! This beauty corrals all our cards and even makes it so we can pick it up and move the game since our game table is also our dinner table 🙂

I tried to think of everything and if not, left some extra room just in case.. Here are the basics:

  • Alignment Card Slot
  • Character Card Slot
  • Token Slots
  • Gold Slots
  • Strength, Craft, and Life Divots
  • Upper Stairs:
    • Holds Magic Spells – easily removed and hidden when an opponent comes to take and object or follower. (See Video Below)
    • Holds Enemy Cards until you can turn them in for Strength and Craft upgrades.
    • There is also a character that can use Enemies to help during battle so there is some extra space between the magic and upgrade cards for that use.
  • There is an extra large divot below the craft section that can be used for miscellaneous objects.  i.e. The leprechaun may exhaust the gold slots, you could hold extra gold here.
  • Lower Stairs
    • 5 Bottom steps are perfect for holding a mule and the 4 objects he allows you to hold on to.
    • Upper 2 steps can be used for objects you wish to get rid of soon.
    • All Slots are interchangeable so you can use the setup however you like
    • Easy to read just flick a card forward and then back like an accordion when done.  (See Video Above)

Now, I have to ask, if you’ve gotten this far… Is there a game you’ve every been this addicted to?  

Kristen Smith
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Kristen Smith

QuirkyK here... The tireless eclectic speaker which may or may not include the occasional ah ha moment! I'm a clay addict, which typically produces wonky experiments. And if that isn't enough, I'm also an inquisitive, people loving, indie entrepreneur.
Kristen Smith
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