All Yarns begin with a fiber…

Quirky Bits –n- Pieces began with the simple intention of creating meaningful art pieces worthy of becoming heirlooms. Inspired by the family-made blankets, clothing, needlework and sculptures that have been passed down from generation to generation, mother and daughter Deborah Tingler and Kristen Smith weave the fiber of memories and heritage into all they do. From handspun artisan yarns and yarn holders to hand-sculpted confectionary stands, each Quirky Bits –n- Pieces creation is brought to life using timeless techniques. With more than 55 combined years of crafting experience, Deborah and Kristen set out to illuminate the joys of their art while minimizing the frustrations that often arise during the process. They designed A Bit of Ewe Artisan Yarns and Tools to inspire and empower crafters to create handmade, one-of-a-kind masterpieces, while inspiring future generations to do the same. They created Le Petit Gateau du Temp Perdu confectionary stands to capture the joyful spirit of gathering for a meal, honor the past and create newly cherished memories for the future.

A Bit of Ewe Art Yarns…

All of Deborah’s A Bit of Ewe yarns begin with locally-sourced wool. We help local farmers shear the sheep and even have our own Angora bunnies, Sir Molts A Lot and Hank.

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Fate, family history, and a lot of imagination. The name “Quirky” comes from a nickname Kristen has had since preschool…but it might’ve never happened if Grandma had acquiesced to mom’s name of choice, instead of the other way around.

Our Muse

The muse behind all our creations is Grandma, who was first and foremost a mother. She believed in nurturing the creative spirit and doing things yourself when you wanted them done right.

Family Ties

In her 20s, inspired by the memory of her grandfather who had recently passed, Kristen began sculpting his image and captured not only the twinkle in his eyes but also a spark what would soon become an addiction to clay.

Little Cakes, Big Meaning

Le Petit Gateau Du Temp Perdu translates to “Little Cake of Lost Time,” inspired by Marcel Proust’s novel, A Remembrance of Things Past. In the story, the petit madeleines, or little cakes, serve as the catalyst to an illusive memory. The passage reminds Kristen of Grandma’s sweet tooth and her solid southern belief that a meal was not a meal without dessert.

Kristen Smith

QuirkyK here! I’m a potter, weaver, photographer, and all around lover of art and color. Add on my love of people and I’ve landed the role of marketing guru as well! I’m the Quirky Girl you see on all our social media channels!
  • Pottery 95% 95%
  • Weaver 75% 75%
  • Photographer 40% 40%

Deborah Tingler

QuirkyD here! I’m Spinner, Dyer, Teacher, and Color addict. Creation is in my blood, so much so I can’t seam to follow a pattern without altering it! I’m project driven & love new challenges. I’d love to create something for you!
  • Spinner 95% 95%
  • Color lover! 85% 85%
  • Curiosity 75% 75%
Hank the angora Bunny

Fluff to the Max!

Can you see him in there?  This is Hank, our second angora bunny.  He is older and fluffier!  On a normal day you can’t see that cute little eye, it’s all covered up! Personality plus luscious fiber, that’s what this gentleman offers!

Sheep Galore!

These are a few of our local buddies that provide us with the base wool for each of our handspun art yarns!!  Raised and cared for right here in North Carolina!

Sir Molts a Lot

Our very first angora bunny!  This sweet little guy sheds his heavenly fiber and we so graciously add it to our yarns!  Talk about delectable!

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